The Complete History of GCash

May 16, 2022
Written by:
Chris Garin

In 2004, it was reported that 80% of Filipinos remained unbanked. To solve this problem, Globe Telecom entered fintech and launched GCash in 2004 under its subsidiary: Mynt - Globe’s Fintech Innovations.

When Ant Financial invested in GCash, it took a simple payments app and transformed it into a super app that millions of Filipinos now use daily.

In June 2021, GCash reports that it has over 46 million users. Higher than its rival Maya with over 38 million users.

This is the story of how GCash became one of the most valuable companies in the Philippines.

What you'll learn in this video

How GCash Started

Who owns GCash?

What is Alipay?

GCash's rivals: Maya and Tencent

How big is Tencent?

GCash vs. Maya

Why GCash has an edge over Maya

Why GCash skyrocketed during the pandemic

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