The Complete History of Megaworld & the Story of Billionaire Andrew Tan

September 29, 2022
Written by:
Chris Garin

Ever wonder how Megaworld started out?

One of the richest men in the country, Dr. Andrew Tan built Megaworld into one of the biggest real estate companies in the Philippines.

What's the history behind this company?

What other brands does it own?

Learn about the beginnings of Andrew Tan and the Megaworld empire.

What you'll learn in this video

  • The Story of Andrew Tan
  • How Megaworld ended up owning McDonald's Philippines
  • The Complete History of Emperador Brandy (and why Megaworld acquired it)
  • Resort's World Manila History (and why Megaworld acquired it)
  • History of Megaworld
  • The Story of Kevin Tan
  • Infracorp by Megaworld
  • AGILE Digital Ventures (Megaworld's startup bet)
  • Pickaroo (Megaworld's delivery app)

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